A Great Place To Visit: Saga Bay Park in Cutler Bay, FL

Welcome to Saga Bay Park in Cutler Bay, Florida, the ideal outdoor destination for outdoor recreation and activities lovers. This 14-acre park is part of the the33-acres Saga Bay Environmental Park, which includes the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Nature Preserve and other nearby natural areas. Located near the shores of beautiful Biscayne Bay, Saga Bay Park offers visitors plenty of hiking opportunities, bicycling, fishing,g and more, making it the perfect spot for spending a day in the sun. Learn more here.

Saga Bay Park has been a part of Cutler Bay since early 1960 when it was known as “Saga Park.” The land was donated to the city by Argonaut Corporation with the wish to leave the natural woodlands undisturbed. Development increased in the ’80s and ’90s as the area embraced recreational opportunities. In 2003, the land was renamed Saga Bay Park to preserve the natural setting and honor the land’s historical significance. Learn more about A Great Place To Visit: Saga Bay Park in Cutler Bay, FL.

Saga Bay Park has plenty of recreational opportunities. Hikers can explore and appreciate the beauty of the park’s natural woodlands. Birders will be pleased to know that the park is an Audubon Society-designated sanctuary with numerous species. Other activities in the park include fishing, horseback riding, nature photography, and educational lectures.